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West Marin Mountain Bikers rolled up on lost girl from Samuel P. Taylor Park  »
Thank goodness!
A morning bike ride on a West Marin Trail by two local women was unknowingly guided by Angels to find the girl who disappeared the afternoon before from her Samuel P. Taylor campsite.

Great timing, and such a happy end to this frightening ordeal which was one of the largest Search and Rescue operations performed in the last decade within the County according to the Marin County authorities in charge of the operation. Much appreciation goes out to all the Search teams. This little girl was super tough to survive through the night too, I have nearly frozen myself on some nights out there.

See the link provided to the full story at the Marin IJ website.

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2014-06-17 22:05:02
This Gorilla needs some training wheels...  »
Can someone help this Gorilla out? If KOKO can sign language, than this dude has a right to charge the trail.
Don't know anything about this image sequence. Other than the fact that this Gorilla is Rad!
Sweet bike too, its Banana Yellow, his fave color.

2014-06-09 17:00:48
What to do when an Armed Assailant wants your bike? This video was taken with a head mounted camera*.  »
This is about "getting the shot" without "getting shot". NOTE: They do not yet have, or recognize, Go-ProŽ cameras in South African Bush country.
This is what you do when stressed out gun wielding dudes emerge from the bush for your Mountain Bike: Be chill and give them what they want, and walk away. This guy was smart and luckier than many people robbed in South Africa.
The bad guys were caught (thanks to the video footage).

2014-06-04 15:36:48
What we deal with...and maybe we should all get bike cams?  »
Bicycle commuter shares frustration on the roads via video evidence
Watch this guy's compilation of the perils and dangers amongst the four wheeled folk

2014-05-28 17:16:41
Marin Mountain Bikers call foul as they are demoted in County discussions  »
Cut out of the Loop?
Read this article from the Marin Independent Journal to make your own opinion. (Also See the video from the perspective of some passionate riders)

You have to check out the super-heated discussions in the comments section. If you thought Mountain Bikers were evil...see the hatred unleashed upon them by "road bikers, pedestrians, and equestrians".

Peace on the trails is all I want because it reflects the proper harmony that we look forward to seeing in our outdoor ecosystems. And environmental protection is always Paramount, always.

2014-03-17 17:48:44
Illegal Trail Rats make us all look bad...  »
The ecosytem is much more fragile than appears.
Allegedly two individuals were using an illegal trail in Novato and committed the cardinal sin of mountain bike riding. While roaring down the trail they ended up heedlessly scaring two women on horseback that were peacefully and lawfully using the trail.
Subsequently the scared horses reared up and one of the women was majorly injured. One of the horses was so scared it ran off. The kids tore through the scene with no respect. The women pleaded for help but the young riders rode off. These youngsters were very bad, and they left a "man down" on the Trail. Never do this please. Deplorable actions, the kids need to come forward so all Karma can be rectified. Check the video of the chopper rescue.

2013-06-24 17:04:25
Tour of California starts this weekend 5/14  »
Is Levi racing?
We need to elevate this race to "Tour de Calfornia" status.

2011-05-11 16:46:06
Tour of California starts this weekend 5/14  »
Is Levi racing?
We need to elevate this race to "Tour de Calfornia" status.

2011-05-11 16:45:39
Just ran into the new Google Maps Street View Car in Sausalito!  »
It's been pimped out with sweet graphics
I am so stoked that I finally had a meeting with the Google Maps Street View car/bot. It happened this morning on my way to Work in Sausalito. I tried to get a picture, but of course my camera had no room on the SD card...AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH. The driver (cool asian dude) was nice enough to slow down and give me a good look of the rig. He gave me the cartographer nod too. Being a mapping/GIS dork I get really excited when I see this kind of technology in action. The sensors were consuming and organizing massive amounts of data before my very eyes. I can't wait to see this data updated to the google maps site, maybe I will even see my stupid grinning mug :)

Google Street View Car with New GraphicsGoogle Street View Data Collection Device (Car)
2011-05-04 10:21:31
To SMART or not to SMART?  »
That is the question.
The endless Catch 22 scenarios that have plagued the SMART project continue on. This editorial from the Marin IJ is the latest chapter.

2011-03-01 19:24:11
Google Maps Street View now Hitting the Trails  »
I would love seeing this dude on the Eldridge Grade Trail!
So now Google Maps division is hooking up the offroad mapping.

2011-03-01 19:03:45
Going Green and riding electric bicycles made in Sausalito  »
Popular themes at the Marin County Fair

Pi electric bicycle company, out of Sausalito, rocked the Marin county fair with their locally brewed technology. I was down in Santa Cruz this last weekend and I saw this woman bicyclist going over twenty mph UP a hill on her Electric bicycle. It was like a schwinn ten speed on steroids! Check out Pi bikes when you get a chance. The beauty of the Pi bikes are that they are built sustainably with 60% recycled metals, etc. sourced correctly, and assembled in the USA with only a fraction of foreign made parts. Putting even more green power into the overall ecological/carbon impact of the bikes construction and operational life cycle.

Pi bike review
2008-07-08 07:30:19
Kule Loklo American Indian Festival  »
Check out this annual event during your west marin/PR ride that weekend.
Support california tribes and others at this festival which includes trade items, food, music and dancing.

Kule Loklo Website

2008-07-07 07:40:34
native people 
This TrailKillerz guy does have some merit...and....meet his Nemesis: age 54  »
Turns out the 50 year olds are major players on both sides of the Trail War
On one level I cannot argue with this guys mission. He is pissed off when he sees negative impacts on trails from bikers, I concur. On another level, guys his age are apparently a big problem with the trails in marin. Does everyone remember what happened earlier this year when the 50+ year old guy was busted for creating illegal trails on the edge of China Camp. He was seriously doing damage cutting down trees, etc. Turns out the guy used to be member of some Bicycle Advocacy Group in Marin, but now is a renegade illegal trail builder. My point is, these older guys are hard core. They are either building crazy illegal trail networks, or out to crucify those who are building or using them. See the following link for story about the illegal trail builder in Marin County.

2008-07-04 11:30:01
TrailKillerz has launched his Publicity Tour  »
TrailKillerz does an interview.
I did not watch it, but you might want to. I just couldn't watch it, especially after visiting his blog and seeing the violent imagery he is using (trailkillerz.blogspot.com). It is very gross and disgusting. After seeing his website I see why people are getting so freaked out by him. I am seriously scarred after seeing the main graphic on his blog site ( I am not kidding, it is freaky, like out of a Nightmare on Elm Street movie).

2008-07-04 10:38:17
Maniac Blogger at trailkillerz.blogspot.com is possibly linked to this potentially violent incident  »
It turns out this trailkillerz guy wants to protect trails with violent aggression. That is not how we do it in Marin.

(-edited-) aggression (-edited-) may eventually harm some innocent people when using OUR trails peacefully and righteously. His abrasive cantor and disturbing imagery is creating a hostile environment among the people who peacefully use and manage Marin trails. Of course, in the end, only the environment and other innocents will be damaged by his onslaught of negativity.

SF Chronicle Article

Trailkillerz blog is at http://trailkillerz.blogspot.com
2008-07-04 10:02:31

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