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Maniac Blogger at trailkillerz.blogspot.com is possibly linked to this potentially violent incident 
It turns out this trailkillerz guy wants to protect trails with violent aggression. That is not how we do it in Marin.

(-edited-) aggression (-edited-) may eventually harm some innocent people when using OUR trails peacefully and righteously. His abrasive cantor and disturbing imagery is creating a hostile environment among the people who peacefully use and manage Marin trails. Of course, in the end, only the environment and other innocents will be damaged by his onslaught of negativity.

2008-07-04 10:02:31
Lets show this blogger we respect our trails  

2008-07-03 18:45:46
Controversial development on Sausalito shores 
Opponents of project say it could ruin vital open space and viewsheds (views).

2008-06-26 11:55:48
Stan Winston, legendary designer passes away 
Titles include: terminator, jurassic park, predator, etc.

Over the years it seemed this guy was always behind some of the most groundbreaking work in the special effects/cgi seen in major motion pictures. I know his collaboration with top directors and Industrial Light and Magic produced some of the most influential films of my early years.

2008-06-19 11:10:25
Steve Jobs says computers are like bicycles for the mind... 
Condors are the most efficient travelers, but the efficiency of a human bike?
This old video shows Jobs evangelical dissection of the bicycle and efficiency.

2008-05-31 13:23:03
Sausalito decides to go after bicyclists 
Apparently bicyclists are causing dangerous accidents in the city.
The people of Sausalito are upset that their cars are being scratched by passing bicyclists. The "spandex warriors", as one Sausalito city councilman said, are "the biggest problem".
2008-04-13 13:22:20
Tread lightly on Tamalpais 
The mountain can only take so much abuse
Please be sure to minimize the negative impacts that may occur due to mountain biking in the Mt. Tamalpais region. This article from the IJ tells about how SOD (sudden oak death) and other factors are having a cumulative toll on our precious resource.
2008-04-11 18:46:26
The man behind TREK, a "Steve Jobs-like evangelist for bicycles" 
Gary Fisher and Lance Armstrong are some of the people involved in Trek's history
Learn about the man behind TREK bicycles and how he founded the company out of his VW van. Now I understand why there was a Volkswagen Jetta Trek edition. From Inc. magazine.
2008-04-10 13:28:40
Anti-Pollution masks for bicycling 
for filtering out car exhaust, diesel fumes, particulate matter
I was going to invent one of these devices like ten years ago. Of course they already have them in Europe and elsewhere. I haven't seen many people using them in the states, but I don't travel much in cities etc. where such a mask would be crucial in my opinion.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

2008-04-09 22:06:33
Hikers, Bikers, and Equestrians Battle it out at Annadel 
Equestrians say that bikers 'just don't care'
It is getting more crowded out at Annadel state park in Sonoma. Home of many good trail rides amongst the 5000 acre park and thirty miles of trails. Apparently the mountain bikers have been targeted as the main villains on the trails. That is, according to the Equestrian club.
2008-04-06 13:35:27
Helmet cam downhill course 
location unknown
A crashless run.
2008-04-06 12:41:46
Klunkerz has some great footage of 70's Marin 
The mountain biking film by director Billy Savage.
I still have not seen this documentary film. I am waiting until I am ready to see it. Here is the preview of the film. I was bummed to learn that I just missed a Fairfax screening on march 28th, oh well.
2008-04-05 15:59:39
China Camp technical course 
tech certification
Some good riding on the outlying trails. Some nice air's and stack included.
2008-04-05 15:57:14
Bay Area commission backs bike lanes on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge 
The BCDC has arose in favor of bike lanes on Richmond bridge
Backers of a plan to create a bicycle and pedestrian path on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge got a boost Thursday when a key agency encouraged access, despite opposition from Caltrans
2008-04-03 22:37:10
San Francisco's Plan for a Citywide Bicycle Network 
A giant leap toward meeting european standards for bike networks
A few days ago I mentioned the fact that SF has a wonderful bike plan for the city that has been put on hold due to C.A.R. (Coalition for Adequate Review). The people at car are using CEQA laws concerning full environmental impact review to fight a plan that is good for the environment. A clever ploy concerning planning tactics, but a move that has potentially cost the city a large immeasurable toll to date. CAR's main concern is parking. Parking is without a doubt a huge concern in the City, as in any city. But SF is being held back from becoming more on track as a model city for implementing sustainable design. I say sustainable because at the projected growth rate for SF there will never be enough parking anyway. Bikes and refined public transportation will be the best mitigation for the future traffic situation in San Francisco.

Check the link to the SF bike coalition's website to see the SF bike network plan.

2008-04-03 09:57:17

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