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San Francisco's Plan for a Citywide Bicycle Network

A giant leap toward meeting european standards for bike networks
A few days ago I mentioned the fact that SF has a wonderful bike plan for the city that has been put on hold due to C.A.R. (Coalition for Adequate Review). The people at car are using CEQA laws concerning full environmental impact review to fight a plan that is good for the environment. A clever ploy concerning planning tactics, but a move that has potentially cost the city a large immeasurable toll to date. CAR's main concern is parking. Parking is without a doubt a huge concern in the City, as in any city. But SF is being held back from becoming more on track as a model city for implementing sustainable design. I say sustainable because at the projected growth rate for SF there will never be enough parking anyway. Bikes and refined public transportation will be the best mitigation for the future traffic situation in San Francisco.

Check the link to the SF bike coalition's website to see the SF bike network plan.
2008-04-03 09:57:17
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