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Maniac Blogger at trailkillerz.blogspot.com is possibly linked to this potentially violent incident

It turns out this trailkillerz guy wants to protect trails with violent aggression. That is not how we do it in Marin.

(-edited-) aggression (-edited-) may eventually harm some innocent people when using OUR trails peacefully and righteously. His abrasive cantor and disturbing imagery is creating a hostile environment among the people who peacefully use and manage Marin trails. Of course, in the end, only the environment and other innocents will be damaged by his onslaught of negativity.

SF Chronicle Article

Trailkillerz blog is at http://trailkillerz.blogspot.com
Marin IJ article is at: http://www.marinij.com/marinnews/ci_9771920
To clarify things: I do not ride illegal trails, I would never damage a trail site knowingly, I go out of my way to lessen impacts in the environment I ride in. Most importantly, I understand that kids will be kids until they know better.
2008-07-04 10:02:31
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