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This TrailKillerz guy does have some merit...and....meet his Nemesis: age 54

Turns out the 50 year olds are major players on both sides of the Trail War
On one level I cannot argue with this guys mission. He is pissed off when he sees negative impacts on trails from bikers, I concur. On another level, guys his age are apparently a big problem with the trails in marin. Does everyone remember what happened earlier this year when the 50+ year old guy was busted for creating illegal trails on the edge of China Camp. He was seriously doing damage cutting down trees, etc. Turns out the guy used to be member of some Bicycle Advocacy Group in Marin, but now is a renegade illegal trail builder. My point is, these older guys are hard core. They are either building crazy illegal trail networks, or out to crucify those who are building or using them. See the following link for story about the illegal trail builder in Marin County.
2008-07-04 11:30:01
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