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Just ran into the new Google Maps Street View Car in Sausalito!

It's been pimped out with sweet graphics
I am so stoked that I finally had a meeting with the Google Maps Street View car/bot. It happened this morning on my way to Work in Sausalito. I tried to get a picture, but of course my camera had no room on the SD card...AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH. The driver (cool asian dude) was nice enough to slow down and give me a good look of the rig. He gave me the cartographer nod too. Being a mapping/GIS dork I get really excited when I see this kind of technology in action. The sensors were consuming and organizing massive amounts of data before my very eyes. I can't wait to see this data updated to the google maps site, maybe I will even see my stupid grinning mug :)
Google Street View Car with New GraphicsGoogle Street View Data Collection Device (Car)
2011-05-04 10:21:31
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