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Illegal Trail Rats make us all look bad...

The ecosytem is much more fragile than appears.
Allegedly two individuals were using an illegal trail in Novato and committed the cardinal sin of mountain bike riding. While roaring down the trail they ended up heedlessly scaring two women on horseback that were peacefully and lawfully using the trail.
Subsequently the scared horses reared up and one of the women was majorly injured. One of the horses was so scared it ran off. The kids tore through the scene with no respect. The women pleaded for help but the young riders rode off. These youngsters were very bad, and they left a "man down" on the Trail. Never do this please. Deplorable actions, the kids need to come forward so all Karma can be rectified. Check the video of the chopper rescue.
courtesy Marin IJ
2013-06-24 17:04:25
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